IRS Audits Are Nothing To Play Around With

One of the most frightening things that one can receive in the mail is an IRS notice informing you that you have been selected for an Audit. Many people will simply toss the notice in a drawer and ignore it and others will simply stress out and worry.

It is not necessary.. one simple phone call to (562) 251-1300 could put an end to the stress and worry. When you receive such a notice from the IRS you need to take immediate action don’t toss the notice into a drawer and ignore. We do not recommend that you tackle these notices on your own.

It is better to go through a 3rd party like Creative Tax here in the Long Beach Calif. Area. If you inadvertently say the wrong thing it could expand the scope of your audit and add additional stress. You want an expert that knows how to narrow the scope of your audit and keep the IRS from nosing around and fishing through your business looking for more money from you.  

Creative Tax has been in business for over 13 years with hundreds of satisfied clients who highly recommend Creative Tax. Other services provided besides audits are. Call us we can help (562) 251-1300

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